New Customers

What is your current pricing?

Online only pricing and rental are always available (updated live) at the following page. The below page also has a signup request form for new customers. After reviewing your request, a quote will be sent via email and a delivery will be scheduled upon receipt of payment via credit or debit card. Regular retail pricing can be found by clicking on the product (it will be visible in red with a strikethrough).

How do I switch from another supplier?

You can request a quote for a single cylinder at a time. As the old cylinder runs out, you can then call or email us to "increase your holdings". Please note that additional cylinders cannot be ordered online, only cylinder swaps. Alternatively, you can order two cylinders at a time (preferred method) but we are not able to leave unattached cylinders on properties, so any extras will be collected.

Can you collect another companies cylinders while delivering yours and return them for me?

Yes, and we will return them on your behalf. Generally any unconnected cylinders will be collected unless otherwise specified.

Is there any issue with delivery/LPG Supply/other etc?

No. Propane is a byproduct of oil and natural gas refining. As an independent supplier, we are able to source LPG from any refinery in Australia, giving us complete control over our very robust supply chain. There are practically never any issues with LPG supply. Occasionally deliveries need to be rescheduled due to weather etc but you will always be informed and delivery tracking links are updated automatically.

Deliveries and Scheduling

What is your delivery schedule?

Click here to visit our delivery schedule. It is also located at the top of the page. Orders placed online will also get a email with a tracking link to let you know where your driver is currently and when your order will be delivered. 

Delivery Site suitability

Sites must be safe and have easy access. Typically we do not ask our delivery team to go onto steep steps or slopes or do anything that would endanger themselves, any equipment or property, or the people around them in the community. Sites must be compliant with relevant Australian standards and have a compliance plate. Sites that require tanker access must have suitable parking.

What is the cutoff time for deliveries?

Typically for the following day it is midnight for online or 3pm for phone orders, but can be earlier if the number cylinders is greater than the space available on delivery vehicles. Online orders will get an email with a vehicle tracking link and scheduled delivery day.

Are you able to give an exact time for deliveries?

As there are orders coming in right up until the trucks leave (and even some emergencies that require a truck to return the depot and collect additional cylinders), we are not able to give timeframes, only that the delivery will occur between 7am and 3pm. 

Subscriptions and Rental

What is the cylinder rental fee?

This fee is for the rental of gas cylinders. The price of the cylinder swap only pays for the gas itself. The cylinders themselves have a substantial dollar value (between $150-$200,000+ depending on the size of tank or cylinder we have provided). This fee covers periodic retesting, repair, maintenance, and new cylinder acquisition. This concept is similar to the standing charges levied by some Telephone, Electricity and natural gas companies.

We maintain ownership and responsibility and as such, are responsible for maintenance and compliance regulations. Damaged cylinders are normally replaced at no charge to customers.

How often is rental charged?

Yearly for domestic customers, monthly for commercial unless otherwise specified. Rental invoices will have a text description above the footer informing you of what dates the rental covers.

Can you retest/restamp my BBQ cylinder

Unfortunately no, we only offer this service for larger permanent tanks.

When was I informed about the rental?

If you are a brand new customer, it will be on your very first invoice. If you have taken over an account from someone else, it will be on the anniversary of their rental as they will have paid it up to a certain date. If you set up an account online, you will have had to see the red warning when buying a cylinder noting that a subscription is required for purchase.

Do all cylinders have rental?

Yes, unless they are customer owned. Customer owned cylinders have different stamping on them and will have testing certificates. The only self owned cylinders available currently are large tanks, 15KG ALU and 18KG.

Are cylinders able to be bought?

Some types cylinders and tanks are able to be purchased, but we are unable to deliver customer owned swap cylinders. Refill only (insitu) cylinders (90kg, 210kg) can be delivered upon request. Tanks are available to be delivered, installed, tested as a site allows. We currently offer a small 18kg (about double the size of a BBQ cylinder) cylinders for sale but must be picked up from the depot in a suitable vehicle.

Where is my subscription ID for the rental?

On the invoice under source document, or you can find all your subscriptions under your customer portal.

Why do I have multiple subscriptions?

A customer can have multiple subscriptions under the following circumstances:

•          Multiple delivery sites

•          Multiple subscription types

•          Cylinders at different times of the year

Why is the rental not included in the cost of a replacement cylinder?

Because everyone uses gas at a different rate.  This would require different pricing for every customer.

The cylinders are expensive. There are substantial requirements regarding ongoing inspections of cylinders before filling. The 45kg cylinder rental price has not changed in over twenty years, despite increases in cylinder costs since then. As of 2022, the price of purchase of a 45kg cylinder has more than tripled.

Cylinders and Tanks

What is the difference between “insitu” cylinders, “swap” cylinders and tanks?

In-situ or refill cylinders are set in place and filled by tanker. These cylinders are typically more expensive than swap cylinders but allow for more gas to be stored.

Swap cylinders are literally swapped during each delivery and are the standard for domestic use.

Tanks are permanent in place installations for bulk filling. Tanks range in size from 500L and above, and can be above ground, below ground or semi-submerged. The standard size tank for most industrial applications is 7.5KL.

See the size table below for more information.

Where does cylinder maintenance and testing occur?

For swap and in situ cylinders smaller than 250kg, this occurs at our depot. Cylinders are purged before any formal testing. For larger tanks, purging and testing occurs on site. Note we cannot perform testing on swap cylinders that are not owned or managed by Black Cat Gas.

Can you retest/restamp my BBQ cylinder

Unfortunately no, we only offer this service for larger permanent tanks.

Are gauges available for all cylinder types?

Gauges are available for in-situ 90kg and above only. Note that 90kg gauges are only show 0-40%, and 210kg gauges show only 0-80%. This is due to the width of the cylinder.

Float gauges are not available for 45kg swap cylinders.

Are you able to fill customer owned cylinders?

Only by special request for existing customers.

Remote Monitoring

Is remote monitoring of LPG Cylinder contents available?

Remote monitors are currently available for some types of in-situ cylinders (90kg, 210kg) and larger tanks. It requires a R3D gauge type. Remote monitoring comes with additional fees and requires a decent 3G/4G signal.

Most commercial customers will already have a unit attached to their cylinder bank. The unit lets us know when to schedule the tanker for their site.

The remote monitoring unit connects to a 3G/4G network allowing for remote access to cylinder contents gauge.

Is the monitor available for home domestic swap cylinder use?

This is currently in testing but is not available yet. We not require any trial applicants at this stage.

As 45kg swap cylinders are too narrow to attach a float gauge inside the cylinder, a special automatic regulator is used that connects to a remote monitoring unit, allowing us to see when one cylinder empties and the other is put into active service. A delivery is then scheduled.

There is no current timeframe when this will be available to the public.

Independence and other gases

What does it mean to be an “Independent LPG” supplier?

Since early 2020 we do not buy LPG or LPG cylinders through any major gas company; instead we are able to buy direct. This is unusual in our industry. We are one of two remaining independent LPG providers in NSW; the other is The Gas Shed in Homebush.

Are you able to provide other gases?

Not as an independent, but we are a BOC agent and we can supply medical, industrial and hospitality gas through them.

Are you 100% Shoalhaven owned and run?

Yes, we are the only 100% Shoalhaven owned and run LPG supplier.

Online ordering

Do I need separate login details for blackcatgas.com  or tarrrantsgas.com?

No. Login details are the same.

Can Commercial customers order via the portal? 

Yes, they can.

How do I get access to the online portal?

Please request access via email or phone.

What else can I do on the portal?

You can view subscriptions, sales orders/quotations, invoices and delivery dockets.

Are there any tutorials available for online ordering? 

Click here for online ordering tutorials.

Can I order BOC/other non Black Cat gas online?

Yes, some BOC gas is available online. Note that pricing is not available online for BOC gases - they are billed via BOC's ordering system. Customers must have an active, up to date BOC account and be present for deliveries. Customers not swapping a cylinder must supply their account number.

Moving/Closing Accounts

I'm moving house. Are you able to move Black Cat cylinders to my new home?

Yes we are happy to do so. Please do not move cylinders yourself, let us do it. Please email us the details of where you moving to/from and the date of the move.

Can I transfer cylinders from my account to a new account for new owners/tenants?

Yes, but we require the new owners to contact us directly. Please email us.

I need to close my account. How do I do that?

Please email us the date you are moving out. Note that account closures automatically require us to collect cylinders on site.