The NSW Government Gas Rebate
Get your gas bill rebate from the state government
27 September, 2016 by
The NSW Government Gas Rebate
Sean Callahan

NSW LPG Gas Rebate

Good News for NSW Resident pensioners who use LPG. The state government has extended the annual $90 gas rebate to qualifying LPG users. The program kicked off on 1 July 2016.

What's it About?

More than 80,000 vulnerable, low-income households across NSW that use LPG to power their homes are expected to benefit from the new LPG rebate. The $90 LPG Gas Rebate has been extended to households that rely upon reticulated or delivered LPG for heating, cooking and powering their hot water systems and that are not connected to a natural gas distribution network. The Gas Rebate had previously only been available to households connected to the natural gas distribution network. Households eligible for the LPG Gas Rebate will still be able to apply for other financial assistance under the NSW Government’s rebate programs.

LPG Gas Rebate - How Much You May Get

The Gas Rebate helps eligible NSW households to pay their gas bills. On 1 July 2016 the NSW Government extended the eligibility criteria for this rebate to include households using LPG for basic households needs such as cooking, heating and hot water.

The Gas Rebate now provides:

$90 (excluding GST) a year to eligible customers who hold a gas account with a gas retailer of their choice, or;

$99 a year to eligible customers with on-supplied LPG or natural gas and living in residential communities, retirement villages and strata schemes; or

$99 a year to eligible customers that use delivered LPG for basic household needs such as cooking, heating or hot water.

Note: Delivered or refilled gas bottles must be 45kg (88L) or larger to qualify. This rebate cannot be claimed for use of BBQ sized gas bottles.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Gas Rebate, you need to:

  • be resident in New South Wales; and

  • a customer of the retailer, or

  • a long term resident of an on-supplied residential community, or a resident of an on-supplied retirement village, or a resident of an on-supplied strata scheme; and whose name and address appears on the gas account for individually metered consumption of natural gas or LPG to his or her principal place of residence; or

  • purchase LPG in cylinders of 45kg or greater to use for domestic cooking, heating or hot water at his or her principal place of residence; and whose name, address and LPG cylinder size purchased or refilled, appears on a tax invoice/receipt issued by his or her LPG supplier, residential community operator, retirement village operator, or strata management company; and

  • hold either a:

  • Pensioner Concession Card issued by the DHS/DVA; or

  • DHS Health Care Card; or

  • DVA Gold Card marked with either:

  • War Widow or War Widower Pension; or

  • Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI); or

  • Disability Pension (EDA).

Note: Commonwealth Senior Heath Card holders are not eligible for this rebate.

How Do I Apply for the LPG Gas Rebate?

Different application and payment processes apply depending on whether you hold a gas account with a retailer of your choice, receive a gas bill for bottled gas from an LPG supplier, or receive a gas bill on behalf of the operator (or strata manager) of an on-supplied residential community, retirement village or strata scheme.


Please download the LPG Gas Rebate Claim Form

Return completed form to:

POST: NSW Gas Rebate PO BOX 435 Parramatta NSW 2124


FAX: 02 8275 1935

Please remember to provide a copy of your most recent bill/invoice when you lodge this claim form.

FAQs for the NSW LPG Gas Rebate

Can I receive the rebate if I use LPG?

Yes. From 1 July 2016 you can apply directly to the Department of Industry for a gas rebate for use of either on-supplied or delivered, bottled LPG.

Will I still receive the gas rebate if I change gas retailers?

Yes. Gas retailers are required to deliver the Gas Rebate to eligible customers and this should continue when you change gas retailers.However, when you change retailers, make sure you let them know that you are eligible for the Gas Rebate.

What does on-supplied mean?

On-supplied is the term used when the resident receives a gas bill/invoice issued by, or on behalf of, the owners/management of the residential community, retirement village or strata scheme, rather than a bill issued by a gas retailer of the residents’ choice.

I have two gas accounts. Can I get two gas rebates?

No. You are only able to receive one rebate which is applied to your principal place of residence.

My partner and I both have an eligible concession card. Can we get two rebates?

No. A household can only receive one Gas Rebate each financial year.

Someone in my household holds an eligible concession card, but I don't. Can I get the rebate?

No. The gas account holder must hold one of the valid concession cards, and meet all other eligibility criteria listed in the section headed “Am I eligible for the NSW Gas Rebate?”

I have a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. Does that mean I’m eligible for this rebate?

No. Having a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card does not make you eligible for the Gas Rebate. However, you may be eligible to apply for a different NSW rebate called the Life Support Rebate.

Holders of a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card may also be eligible for the Commonwealth Seniors Supplement. For more information about the Seniors Supplement, as well as the differences between the Health Care Card and the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, contact the Department of Human Services (DHS) on 136 150 or visit the DHS website.

Need more help?

The following is a list of contacts that you may find useful:

Service NSW: 137 788

National Relay Service for Hearing and Speech Impairment: 1300 555 727

Hearing and Speech Impairment, TTY users: 133 677

Translation and Interpreting Service: 131 450

Department of Human Services (Centrelink): 132 300

Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA): 133 254

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The NSW Government Gas Rebate
Sean Callahan 27 September, 2016
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