COVID-19 Notifications
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18 March, 2020 by
COVID-19 Notifications
Sean Callahan

Due to continuing concerns around the Coronavirus outbreak we wanted to reassure you about the ongoing continuity of supply and mitigations that Tarrants have in place for our products including medical gases. We continue to plan, monitor and appropriately respond to potential impacts of COVID-19. This information provides a general update to reassure you we are working proactively to minimise risk and ensure business continuity. 


Up to date health information about Corvid-19 can always be found here:

The below are updates directly from our supplies regarding supply:


In terms of product supply, Tarrants does not foresee any immediate limitation on LPG availability in Australia. We are not limited to one supply source, with a diverse range of Australian and international sources from which we can procure LPG. We also have plans in place and are working with key suppliers to manage the impact on other critical items such as cylinders and other hardware. 

We do not believe there is a need for Tarrants to provide contingency stock, primarily because:

• We does not foresee any disruption to supply. We have adequate supply of LPG and capability to supply to meet normal demand.

• The additional cylinders on site may not be stored in a compliant location and create additional risk for the customer and Tarrants regarding storage and handling.

Medical / Industrial through BOC

Supply Security

BOC produces almost all of our gas products locally in the South Pacific, with only a very few limited specialty gas products currently sourced from outside of New Zealand & Australia. As a result, there is currently no impact on our gas supply chain, nor do we anticipate any impact in the immediate future.

If there is a continued escalation of the Coronavirus within the South Pacific region BOC has business continuity plans in place to assist us in both mitigating the risk of supply disruptions due to employee illness, as well as being prepared to respond in the event of increased medical gas requirements by our customers. Should this be required BOC will continue to monitor the supply situation, along with customer demands to further minimise any potential disruption to customers.

Agent safety and delivering to medical facilities and aged care homes

We are aware of concerns about the possibility of transference from cylinders and equipment that is returning from hospitals and medical facilities that may have COVID-19 patients.

The latest information shows that in general there is poor survivability of coronaviruses on surfaces, and therefore there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are held and then transported at ambient temperatures. There is no greater risk in handling gas cylinders than handling other products or objects.  

In accordance with ANZIGA guidelines hospitals should be decontaminating any cylinders that are used in isolation wards or otherwise have come into contact with infectious diseases, further reducing the risk of transference.

COVID-19 Notifications
Sean Callahan 18 March, 2020
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